Centurion Gaming’s rules are aimed at creating a fun and rewarding experience for all our members. We have created the rules with three main goals in mind: Fostering a cooperative environment, Balancing progression for PVE, and Maintaining server performance.

no one is a fan of too many rules, least of all the admins.

Fostering a cooperative environment

PVE is by its nature cooperative. The players who come to this cluster are looking for a friendly cooperative experience and Centurion Gaming strives to provide that environment. The general rule is, “Don’t engage in behavior that interferes with another player’s game play or enjoyment of the game.”

What not to do

There is no griefing or exploiting allowed. Griefing includes intentionally annoying, hindering, or damaging other players, their tames, or their bases. 

What not to say

No language which is unlawful, harmful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, racist, or otherwise extensively offensive or inflammatory. This server is not a platform for religious or political views

do not post any personal information for yourself or anyone else.

Other behaviour

any exploits should be reported to an admin as soon as possible, any talk (or taking advantage of!) exploits, duping etc is not allowed on our servers

lastly, be excellent to each other! 

Balancing progression for PVE

Game progression is majority of content without PVP. This progression includes leveling, resource gathering, taming, breeding, blueprint farming, and boss fights. Players should to be allowed to experience this progression to maintain an active player base and healthy cluster.

How to help other players

everyone like to see people helping each other on the servers, it makes a community and we always encourage it. this can be by answering questions, giving pointers, and working together towards a common goal

however this shouldn’t include giving tek items away for free that the the player hasnt unlocked for themselves yet

Boss Fights

we all know that boss fights are easier with more people (usually) and we dont want to get in the way of that. however we feel everyone who teams up for boss fight should contribute to that goal. dinos cannot be ‘borrowed’ (or even ‘rented’) for boss fights 

it a difficult rule to word but the spirit behind it is to promote teamwork, without anyone getting a free tekgrams and ruining their progression experience 

How to trade

Players are free to trade items, bps, resources and unmutated dinos between themselves

Mutated dinos must be neutered before being traded or sold. Mutated eggs can’t be traded or sold

Selling in-game items or dinos for real-world money is not allowed.

Maintaining server performance

Minimizing lag is priority for Centurion Gaming and is especially important on a game like Ark that is not well optimized. Map file size and in-game processes are the two main sources of server load and largest contributors to these sources are bases, tames, and automated production. As such, we have rules governing these three contributors.

Bases size contributes map file size and in-game processing while rendering. We ask that you be considerate of this when building your base and only build what you’re going to use. We also have some hard limits on building..

Where to build

Anywhere that is not a world spawn points, Gen2 innards or space biome, artifact caves, or next to loot crates. You also can’t block high resource areas, artifacts, explorer notes, oil veins/pumps (must be public), rare resources, beacons, or walkways features. No building in render (85 foundations) of another tribe unless there is a prior written agreement. please keep a record of this in case it is ever needed. Typing ‘/show’ in global chat will put arrows on other’s structures in range and hitting TAB twice will show more details.

What to build

3 bases maximum per map, 1 large (less than 50x50x25 high) and 2 small outposts, less than 8k structures total. (4k on Gen2) 

Breeding maps allow 1 land base and 1 water base. These bases should be a small number of structures and can be protected by an Umbrella shield.

water intakes can be placed on last so there is no need for a load of pipes

Individual Structure limits

Awesome teleporters – 1 per base and must be in a base, Name them after your tribe, ‘Public’ teleporters can’t be in a shield or locked building.

Umbrella shields & CAS boxes – can only be placed in your base.

Gacha gavager – 4 per map per tribe.

Vivarium – 6 per map per tribe.

Traps – any traps not in a base must be taken down as soon taming is complete. They can’t be left up for future or shared use. (unless agreed by admins)


to keep the maps clean and optimised a plugin runs that will automatically and remove structures outside your base area. currently this includes teleporters, sleeping bags, campfires, crossark boxes, pillers and gates. a base is defined as at least 25 structures within a 10 foundation area.

Centurion uses a custom plugin to manage decay, it is 14 days by default and is longer for patreons. you only need to login to any of the maps to refresh your times for all of the maps. we have a special vacation group for if you are going away but please let us know before you go


Dinos (active NPCs) are the biggest cause of lag in the game both for tames that are out in the world and even ones held in storage. 

for this reason we ask for players to put dinos away if they arent being used. You can have dinos out that you are actively using and a few dinos for utility or décor, but please keep most of the extra ones stored away

dinos stored in soul balls are data heavy, a lot of dinos equals a large file size which increases the lag for each time the map saves. for this reason we have a cap on the amount of dinos that each tribe can have in storage

dinos stored within CAS boxes are not included in the map save file size and ones stored in CAS are outside of the limits below. you can store 300 items in a CAS but you will have a little (client side) lag if you try to open a CAS filled with 300 soul balled dinos!

How many dinos can we have

There is a limit of 2,000 (5,000 for breeding maps) dinos in storage per map, per tribe.

we have intentionally reduced the breeding cooldown on the breeding servers to help players so that you dont need 20 sets of females.

Breeding servers

the use of a propagator is preferred for performance

players can use the S+ propagator once they have unlocked tek tier (tek rifle engram). They are faster and easier than traditional breeding while being vastly more efficient for the servers.

Other dino rules

please do not mesh your dinos, the extra calculations cause a lot of unnecessary lag and spikes.

Please space your babies so they are not meshed when they grow up. Do not have loads of dinos in a very small area it also caused a lot of lag. Breeding maps have breeding range set to 10x to prevent the need to for large groups of clumped up dinos.

Passive generation

Automatic generation uses in-game processing for the generation and the stored resources contribute to map file size. Please only create the generation you need and delete the excess resources you won’t use.

How to automate production

Terminals, vivariums, and gacha can generate items and resources passively. Terminals and Vivariums are much more efficient for the server than deployed dinos. Please use them. The item aggregator is required for the vivarium and can also handle other automation. There are instant grow plant Y seeds in the F2 shop and you won’t need more than 1 plant per gacha. A how-to guide for the terminal is pinned in the discord

Server specific rules

Omega (Rag)

Boss beacons (activated for world bosses) are only to be placed 60/60+ eg bottom right of the map but please stay away from metal cave at 80/63. Any placed elsewhere will be classed as intentional griefing

please remove them or deactivate them when you are not using them so other people can spawn the bosses

dino selling rules

mutated dinos must be sold as neutered