General config

  • 3 bases per map (4 on Gen 1)
  • 8k structures per map (3k on Gen poo)
  • tribe wars are allowed
  • no cooldown between mindwipes
  • hair grows at 1.5x speed
  • 2x experience multiplier
  • 1.5x player weight multiplier per level
  • 2x player fortitude multiplier per level
  • 0.7x water and food drain multiplier
  • tame limit of 100 dino (250 on breeding maps)
  • anyone can imprint baby dino
  • clamped and optimised harvest damage 
  • always able to pickup structures
  • 0.33x resource regrow radius multiplier
  • no building in artifact/loot cave
  • element can be transferred between maps
  • reduced titan fight cooldowns on Extinction
  • propagator unlocked at level 75 (requires tekgram to use)
  • artifacts cannot be transferred off Crystal Isles
  • flyer speed levelling (except ptera)

Disabled Items

  • s+ growth/imprint pulse
  • s+ hitching post
  • s+ harvester
  • s+ personal teleport beacons
  • security terminal
  • security camera

Awesome Spyglass

  • outline is disabled

Awesome Teleporters

  • 3 teleporters per tribe
  • teleporters can be used to transfer map

Better Horde Mode

  • extends the range that a player can go to by 3x before node/osd will despawn
  • a beacon will show after the dino has been alive for 3 minutes

Death Inventory Keeper

  • will only return dinos in soul balls
  • teleport bed disabled

Dino Storage

  • all automation features enabled (except wool)
  • dinos cannot be released in boss arenas
  • allows reaper breeding
  • 1.5x dino hp gain in terminals
  • 1.25x dino xp gain in terminals
  • removes titan downloading period

Krakens Better Dino

  • equalize wild dino levels (better chance of higher level dinos)
  • random aberrant dinos
  • wild babies (passive tame)
  • coel do not produce most items passively

Lethals Reusables

  • equalize wild dino levels (equal chance of higher level dinos)
  • random aberrant dinos


  • 4 shinies maximum on the map at any time
  • new shinies will spawn every 2-3 hours
  • no tek is unlocked from killing shinies

Structures Plus

  • crop plots can be stacked
  • water intake pipes can be placed on land, they do not require to be placed in water
  • 6x beer barrel crafting speed
  • dino scanner extra stats are disabled
  • doors are silent
  • multiple transmitters are not required
  • fridge slot count is 300
  • grinder, forge and replicator are scaled down in size
  • limit of 4 gavagers per tribe (per map)
  • 12.5x vivarium resource multiplier
  • 20 vivarium slot count
  • propagator requires the tek rifle engram to use

Specific Configs - Island

  • kbd spiders are disabled
  • kbd leeches are disabled
  • kbd megalania are disabled
  • kbd meganeura are disabled