no one is a fan of rules, least of all the admins.

however over the months we have had to add more and more to deal with specific situations that we have dealt with

General Rules

The main guiding principle is to be considerate towards other players and the server resources with your playstyle

1.01 – Please keep any dinos that you are not actively using in soul ball to cut down on lag for everyone. Dinos may be left out on breeding maps, but not on the main maps. 

1.02 – Terminals and Vivariums can generate items passively. We ask that players use these features when available to cut down on the amount of processing the server has to do. There is a how-to guide for the terminal pinned. Dino poop has been increased in the terminal and there are instant grow plant Y seeds in the shop. Please use as little of these plants as possible, you only need 1-2 per gacha. Any standard plants are subject to removal at any point in time.

1.03 – Giving away free items or dinos is not allowed. This includes players having any kind of access to a structure belonging to you which will allow them access to dinos, loot or resources that does not originate from their tribe. If you believe items may have been stolen, please report it to an admin immediately.

1.04 – Players may only attend boss fights hosted by another person(s) if they contribute to the summon of the boss and ride a dino; borrowed, rented, or otherwise. Players may not attend fights without a dino to accompany them unless the fight includes other players also not riding a dino as the strategy being used (eg. Fights where the players use Tek Suits and guns to kill the boss).

1.05 – Players may not trade (buying or selling) items they are not a high enough level to unlock themselves. (eg. tek, structures, saddles, weapons)

1.06 – Players may not have more than 2,000 dinos in storage per map, per tribe, on the main servers. Players may not have more than 5,000 dinos in storage on breeding servers. Failure to comply with this rule could result in souls being destroyed without the option of recovery. 

1.07a – “Awesome Teleporters” should be named after your tribe and are only allowed within your base perimeter. Any that are not named can be renamed or removed.

1.07b – Any that are outside your base area will be removed automatically by a plugin. Admins will not recover items that are left out in disregard to the rules. You may not place teleporters near (a.) loot drops (b) artifacts (c) resource areas or (d) wild egg spawns. ((This excludes wild Dein. spawns on aberration due to their random nature)). Teleporters that are inside tek shields cannot be left on “public” as people can be trapped.

1.08 – eggs from wild nests, wyvern, drakes, deinos must be eaten. they are not to be dropped in any circumstance as they do not despawn

1.09 – Griefing in our cluster is defined as intentionally annoying or hindering other players from progressing by manipulating the game in unintended ways. This includes blocking them from resources, trapping them or their tames, following them and harassing them. This is up to the discretion of the admins.

1.10 – Any language which is unlawful, harmful, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, sexually explicit, racist, or otherwise extensively offensive is harmful to the ambiance of the cluster and could result in a ban. Please do not post any personal information for yourself or anyone. Disregarding this could also lead to a ban.

1.11 – Insiding is defined as when a player joins a tribe with the intent to steal from and or grief the tribe and then leaving. This is strictly prohibited.

1.12 – Non-Consensual PvP (eg. drowning, kiting creatures to other players, their structures, or creatures) is not allowed under any circumstances. This can result in a ban.

1.13 – Bypassing any limits regarding structures, dino count, stored souls is not allowed.

1.14 – Purposeful duplication of items(including blueprints), tames, characters etc. is not allowed.

1.15 – Selling in-game items for real-world money is not allowed and will lead to you getting banned.

1.16 – If you are inactive for 14 days or more, your base, items, and creatures will be removed. patreons benefit from longer decay times

1.17 – Players are required to include their tribe name in their discord nickname in the format ‘character name <tribename>’.

we reserve the right to change any nick names which are not updated or suitable

Building Rules

2.01 – Tribes are not permitted to build within render distance of another tribe, unless there is a written agreement between the two. Please do not delete or lose this agreement as it may need to be presented to admins at a later date.

2.02 – Blocking access to any artifacts, resource caves, rare resources, loot crates or walkways is not allowed, as well as building within artifact caves. You may build near an explorer note as long as it allows other players to have access.

2.03 – Traps that are not built onto a base (eg. Reaper Traps) should be taken down as soon as you are finished taming.

2.04 – Players are allowed a maximum of 3 bases per map. 1 Large base (a maximum of 70×70)  and two smaller bases (these must be at least 25 structures for the plugin to not demo them). These can not be more than 5k structures combined and no more than 25 high. You may have 1 base per biome on Genesis Part 1, three of them being smaller buildings.

2.05 – Any bases found to be excessive without necessity could result in an admin asking you to downgrade to something more applicable for your needs. 

2.06 – Umbrella shields are to be only placed in bases

2.07 – No bases are allowed to be built in: Innards on Gen2, space biome on Gen 2

2.08 – Blocking or building around beacons or loot crates is not allowed.
2.09 – Building small 1×1 bases / outposts or that of a similar nature, next to loot crates (eg. desert loot crates) is not allowed.

2.10 – Building on world spawn points is not allowed.

Breeding Servers

we have added two breeding servers to the cluster. these are desgned as places where you can have a higher number of dinos out at one time, leave your dinos out between breeds they also benefit from improved rates

3.01 – please only build the minimum number of structures that you need for a breeding area/pen/tower

3.02 – dinos are not to be meshed into each other please ensure that there is adequate space between babies growing up

3.03 – dinos are to be spaced out.  Ark cant handle that kind of actor density and it really messes with the server. 

we have a mod that makes the breeding range 10x normal range

if admins find a cramped setup that is affecting the overall server too much then they will be put in storage if you cannot be contacted on discord

3.04 – mutations are available on the propagator, the structure is unlocked at level 75 but will require a cloning chamber engram to use`

Primal Fear Rules

4.01 – Griefing with demonic or chaos dinos is not allowed under any circumstances

Omega Rules

6.01 – Summoning creatures near someone else base will be considered griefing and punishment will be at the discretion of the admin

Trading Rules

5.01 – players are allowed to trade items, resources, unmutated dinos between themselves in the #trade channel

5.02 – mutated dino must be neutered and ones over a certain level can only be sold for Centurion Coins according to the matrix on discord