2x XP, 4x Harvesting, 4x Taming, 12x Mature (dinos mature in soul balls at 1.2x on normal maps and 9x on breeding maps)

bases decay in 14 days as standard, patreons benefit from longer timers

flyers and Tek Suits are enabled on genesis

telepads from awesome teleporters and dino storage’s soul terminal can also be used to transfer server  

tribe wars are allowed

no cooldown between mindwipes

48x egg hatching

hair grows at 1.5x speed

1.5x player base weight multiplier 

2x player weight multiplier per level

2x player fortitude multiplier per level

offline damage protection

0.6x water and food drain multiplier

tame limit of 100 dino (250 on breeding maps). higher allowances on island and extinction for bosses

stored tame limit of 2k dino (5k on breeding maps)

anyone can imprint baby dino

optimised and clamped harvest damage 

always able to pickup structures

0.33x resource regrow radius multiplier

3 teleporters per tribe

teleporting in prevention areas is not allowed

corpse recovery is disabled

teleporters can be used to transfer maps

extends the range that a player can got by 3x before node/osd will despawn

a beacon will show after the dino has been alive for 3 minutes

will not return resources or eggs

teleport bed disabled

all automation features enabled

dinos cannot be release in boss caves

dinos cannot be release in boss arena

dinos mature in soul terminal 

allow reaper breeding

1.5x dino hp gain in terminals

1.25x dino xp gain in terminals

remove titan dowloading period

levelling flyers enabled

rockdrake mating enabled 

equalize wild dino levels allow guns on all dinos

random aberrant dinos

 wild babies (passive tame)

3x grapple length multiplier

3x grapple pull speed multiplier

5x grapple speed multiplier

mindwipe can be used on dino

mindwipes are consumed

1.5x glider speed multiplier

2x glider turn multiplier

0.1x glider minimum speed multiplier

6 shinies maximum on the map at any time

new shinies will spawn every 30-45 minutes

no tek is unlocked from killing shinies

crop plots can be stacked

mission rewards can be grinded

water intake pipes can be placed on land, they do not require to be placed in water

6x beer barrel crafting speed

dino scnner stats are disabled

doors are silent

multiple transmitters are not required

personal teleporter beacon is disabled

fridge slot count is 300

 grinder, forge and relicator are scaled down in size  limit of 4 gavagers per tribe

12.5x vivarium resource multiplier

20 vivarium slot count

 mutator only enabled on breeding servers

lethals reusable fish basket – 120 fiber, 40 thatch, 60 wood 

awesome teleporters dino tracker – 1 thatch

awesome spyglass – 10 fiber, 10 hide, 10 wood

lethals reusables whip – 50 fiber, 20 hide, 10 wood

no wood in beaver dams

kibble added to supply drops

kbd saddles added to alpha drops

s+ growth pulse

hitching post

s+ harvester

s+ personal teleport beacons

butchers place